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3 min readMar 19, 2023

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Today we will discuss a simple strategy for driving more streams on Spotify.

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If you’ve ever released a song, you’ve probably felt that sinking feeling sometime after the “new” has worn off.

It’s the moment when you need a way to encourage your fans to keep listening to your song repeatedly without becoming annoying.

It happens to every artist.

For some, it happens faster than others, but it does happen to every artist eventually.

Here is a simple strategy for Spotify to encourage listeners to go back and stream your song, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Spotify has some great features that they offer for free.

The one I want to discuss today is called Canvas.

You can read about Spotify Canvas in more detail here.

It is an 8-second video loop you can use as a visual add-on to promote your new song.

Artists often use a clip from an official music video, lyric video, visualizer, or live show as their Spotify Canvas.

But, a simple trick for driving your fans back to stream your song more is sitting right in front of you because, in Canvas, you have a free billboard.

It may not be Times Square, but your fans will be excited to see what you have up there if you make it meaningful.

Here are a few ways to drive fans back to your song via Spotify Canvas -

  • Announce tour dates exclusively on Canvas
  • Do a giveaway exclusively on Canvas
  • Do a photo contest exclusively on Canvas


  • Tour Dates — Announce a new date every hour for 24 hours on Canvas. Edit a Canvas video for every tour date, and tell your fans this is the only place to see the new dates. Fans will go to your song, watch the Canvas, and create a spike in your streaming numbers that you can then report back to Spotify for additional playlist consideration.
  • Giveaway — Use Canvas as the place you drop answers to a puzzle you need to win the prize. Encourage fans to check back daily for new clues and drive up your streams.
  • Photo Contest — Let’s pretend your song is called “Birds.” Tell fans to send in a picture of themselves with a bird, and then edit together a new 8-second clip every day; encourage fans to stream your song to see their photo featured on your canvas.

These are 3 simple examples of creative ways to use a free tool to drive fans back to stream your song more and give them something in return.

Do any more ideas come to mind?

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Neil Mason

Artist Development


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