ADN #058: Two Simple Prompts For 2024

Artist Development
2 min readDec 31, 2023

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Today is the last day of 2023.

I want to give you two simple prompts to consider as you get to work in the new year.

1. Write the songs you want to hear.

2. Play the shows you want to see.

These sound basic, but the truth is they are more challenging than they seem for most of us to accomplish.

Sit and think about the songs you wish existed in the world, then take the time to write the hell out of them.

Write the best song that no one’s ever heard before.

Then, do it again and again until you have an album.

There is a glut of average in the world.

Make meaningful music, and you will give yourself the best chance to find a meaningful audience.

The same goes for your live show.

What escape do you want to create for your crowd?

People want to leave your concert in awe.

You want them to exit the venue and WANT to tell their friends about what they missed.

In 2024, write the songs you want to hear and play the shows you want to see.

If you do, you’ll find the audience you want to find.

Happy New Year,


Artist Development

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